[text] Don't seem it. You said to go to my room, that's very much like grounding. I don't plan on being a dad, so.

[Text] Okay Xavier.

[text] She likes Oliver, he's a good guy.... I know it's hard because I'm not like Ted or Tyler and you've had me since I was out of Rachel's womb. But I just want to know you actually care without you having to ground me.

[Text] I do care. And I didn’t ground you. I just tossed it out there. You’ll see how useful it is when you’re a dad.

[text] You clearly forgot how to do it. Because you can't just pick and choose when to love me, listen to me go on about sex one second and then suddenly act like you care and ground me for dating someone.

[Text] I do love you. That doesn’t change. But you’re right, I can’t tell you who to date. Your sister has more say than I do in that department. So go and talk to her then.

[text] No, that is what you meant, Sam. Because Isa calls Ted nuts on a regular basis and you don't pull the 'my kid' card with her.

[Text] I already tell her to stop being mean to her brother. I helped raise my little brother and sister, and I knew the difference playing ‘dad’ and playing ‘brother’. It’s the same with you, Xavier.

[text] And I'm not?

[Text] That’s not what I meant. But still don’t talk about them like that.

[text]: Daddy, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have lied just, please tell him that it's okay. I love him.

[Text] No. You and I can talk about this in the morning.

[text] I'm talking to Rachel because you're overreacting just because Ted and Isa are nuts.

[Text] Don’t talk about my kids like that.

Forgive me Mr. Evans, but I'm not going to not go out with him nor am I going to stop my interactions with him.


Do not get mad at Xavier. He did absolutely nothing wrong here. In fact neither of us did. We are three years apart, normal age and I care for him.

Oliver. Stop trying. You’re not helping anyone.

[text] Stop acting like I lied to you! You guys work with Oliver, you know I go over there, and we're incredibly open about it. He is barely three years older and a great guy

[Text] Do you want to be grounded too?